Maame Ama Tandoh

Maame Ama Tandoh is a young lady with a vastly experienced mind. Currently attaining her BSc in Business Administration at Ashesi University, she shares a passion for writing, business planning and corporate law. She spends her time away from her studies to build on her increasing experience in the working environment.

Apart from being a consultant for Dilton Consult, when Maame Ama is not in school, she spends her time in two main roles. She is an administrative assistant for Morning Glory Montessori Child Development Centre, where she lends his assistance where and when it is needed. This job first started as a summer job just to occupy her for the long summer break, but was kept on the books because of her natural ability to adapt to every situation she was presented with. Keeping a level in during high pressure times is one of Maame Ama’s strongest attributes. One of many she acquired during her time in Wesley Girls High School. Maame Ama is a partner and creative director for Creative Media Technology. Where she helps bridge the gap between the company and her peers and marketing targeted at a specific niche.
Maame Ama is a volunteer for The Laine Foundation, where she lends her expertise as often as time allows.



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