Dilton Consult was formed to offer entrepreneurs an affordable way developing their business and entrepreneurial skills. Dilton Consult also offers entrepreneurs a way to maximize their time by outsourcing the tedium of the business plan writing process. Entrepreneurial strength should be focused on building your business, and weakness in specialized areas, such as documents and plans, should be outsourced to established experts who can save you time, which in business, is money.

Dilton Consult is a consortium of experienced business professionals. When we say experienced, we are not only talking formal education, we are talking about business persons who have been in the TRENCHES.

Dilton Consult team have started and run small and medium scale enterprises to large companies. We are not professionals with theoretical knowledge gained from textbooks, but are the successful business people who have built businesses, learned from our mistakes and captured our markets. Some of our professional still serve on boards and operate businesses, some are retired, and all are highly respected members in their respective business communities.

We have become masters in business development and planning because we combine real-world education in entrepreneurship and finance. At Dilton Consult, we are uniform in purpose and tenacious about results. We gauge our success not only by the quality of our work, but by the long term relationships we develop. We do not write you a plan and cast you to the funding sharks; we help you to clarify your dreams, create the objectives, run the course and reap the benefits.

Dilton Consult publishes “THE NOTICEBOARD”, a monthly free national newspaper dedicated to educating SMEs on business management, entrepreneurial and skills development and more.