Why do I need a business plan?

If you are in business, or even contemplating a business, you need a business plan. Success is not as much as about succeeding, as it is about not failing. A properly prepared plan forces you to think through the big picture and agonize over many of the details, before errors in intuition or judgment cost you or your client money, or even result in bankruptcy. Without it, investors will not invest and buyers won’t buy.

How much do I pay for a business plan?

Good question!! However, due to the customized nature of the document, we take each on a case-by-case basis. An important part of what we do is not just writing the plan, but to help you to refine your vision. Anyway, if obtaining financing or attracting a buyer is critical to the existence of a business, then the potential value of a business plan should be the cost of not achieving the goal (i.e. the cost of going out of business).

After you deliver the plan is that it?

Oh no!!! We will provide you with helpful insights into the nature of the capital markets. If at anytime the plan does not have some required information, we will review and edit it to make your objective clearer. We follow your progress even after you obtain financing and advice on other related matters.