Our entire activity is guided by the following objectives:

  • To promote tiny enterprises for rural development in various industrial fields using local raw materials and for local use.
  • To promote tiny enterprises for agricultural processing at local level to achieve self reliance, to remove exploitation of the poor rural people, to generate income at local level, to generate employment in villages etc.
  • To promote the design and development of simple, small technology and cheap technology for developing countries for various industrial fields, particularly for agro processing activities.
  • To promote the design and development of appropriate technology & intermediate technology for the village industries related to basic needs of the people.
  • To promote small scale projects for self help projects for the communities and villages.
  • To develop small scale decentralised technology for decentralising various industries.
  • To promote women entrepreneurship by making available to women appropriate technology for family size enterprises.
  • To improve the quality of life and elevate the standard of living in developing countries through homogenous development of the society.