• Visionaries:  You are an entrepreneur with vision, enthusiasm and a great business concept. Your markets are targeted, the management team is selected……now, how do you get off the ground?   YOU NEED A BUSINESS PLAN!

Prudence requires it and investors demand it. The real question is: should you attempt it yourself, or work with a business planning specialist?

  • Start-ups:  You are a start-up company with a little history and a lot of energy. Your mission is clear and strategies are formulated ……. Now, how will you find investors, so you can really take off?             YOU NEED A BUSINESS PLAN! 

The next stage of your mission requires it, and so do investors. The question is: which business planning specialist should you entrust?

  • Establishments:   You are highly recognized and well established. Now, your company wants to expand …. Or, maybe it needs to position itself to be acquired, as part of an exit or retirement strategy.           YOU NEED A BUSINESS PLAN!

Investors will demand it and buyers will reward you. The big question is: which specialist will you rely on to successfully market your business?

  • Intermediaries:     You are a front-line professional …. an attorney, accountant, investment banker or broker …. And you have got a fast-moving client, who needs financing or strategic positioning.  YOU NEED A BUSINESS PLAN!

The client is depending on you. The real question is: should you prepare the plan yourself, or outsource it to a business planning specialist?