The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary. At Dilton Consult, we know what it takes to succeed because we have done it. We are not just MBA’s and CA’s with brains filled with academic theory, we are business people who fought our way in school and later the real world. To get money in the real world, it takes real-world experience; that is what we bring to the table.

Our clients bring the vision. Generally, a little hazy at first and usually half-realized, we come together with our clients to focus ambition into the razor sharp tenacity that creates business success.

Ours is in three stages

  1. Plan:

The business plan is the fundamental document needed to solidify your vision. You use it as a marketing piece for capital, and operating guide for start-up, and a standard for success. 87% of all businesses that failed did not have a business plan.

  1. Execute:

Once the plan is written, the stage is set, the money is in, you need to execute. Some of the best plans in writing fail in execution, usually because the plan was unrealistic, or the vision was not properly developed. Our plans come with an execution guide and set of benchmarks to follow so you do not lose sight of what you created or where you are going.

  1. Succeed:

Success is not the end. The business cycle undulates. Today’s winners may be tomorrow losers. Once you have achieved the short term goals of your business, it is time to refocus, plan, execute and succeed again. The spoils of your success will attract the vultures that will look to divide your market share. Only through preemptive planning and research can you continue on top without becoming complacent. We want to help you see your business as a child. Once it has moved out of the house, that does not mean your work is finished, it just means your role has changed.

Succinctly, we take every client’s success personally. We work until the only X factor is your will to succeed. E-mail us to begin the process at or