1. You get our vivacity – not just for your business plan, but for your business.

2. You are busy – if you had time to write it, it would already be done.

3. Your business plan will not go out our door anything short of perfect.

4. You get our unbiased and experienced perspective, so your plan is more potent and your message more powerful.

5. If you do not want honesty and open communication we probably should not work together.

6. We go beyond the call of duty to track down additional information and insights to improve your plan.

7. Your company is accurately reflected on paper – we battle with you to ensure your business plan is clear, concise and to the point.

8. You get over twenty-five years of combined business plan and advice on funding experience.

9. Our fees are a fraction of what others charge.

10. Plain and simple – we give a damn, and treat the success of your business personally.